Performing Arts

La Traviata

It was only my second time at the opera, and it was even more magical than the first time. La Traviata, an Italian love story. As a hopeful romantic (I rebuke the term hopeless) and [...]

I've Been Gone For Too Long…

As I contemplated what to write after more than three weeks of being absent from Golden Life Musings, my brain cells took on a life of their own as they pumped the hook to Ciara’s [...]

She Slays

To slay (verb): killed it, succeeded in something amazing. Well, Beyoncé has indeed slayed again with her new album Lemonade and Formation Tour and she is showing no signs of stopping here. She is unapologetically killing the game and continues to slay nearly two decades into her career.

Winning in DC

On Sunday I had an opportunity to attend the very first DC Music Summit, hosted by Accelerate with Google. Thanks to fellow Washingtonian and artist/entertainer Ashley Brown, who founded the summit, aspiring and current artists [...]

Beyond the Barre

No matter whether little ballerinas defy the odds and grow up to become professional ballerinas or they go on to pursue another dream, there are lifelong lessons that stick with them and help them to excel in life well beyond the barre.


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