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The Wait

Have you ever had to wait on something? That was an obvious rhetorical question, I know. Everyone in life has had to wait on something. Some of us handle it better than others, but I [...]

Foodie Heaven

Whether on Collins Ave, Ocean Drive or Lincoln Road, there is a dining experience in South Beach for just about everyone waiting to ignite their foodie senses.

Wheels Up

Help! Did I miss the memo on how to navigate airline travel? Is there really a specific day and time to book the cheapest flights? I'm glad you asked and the answer is yes. Read more.

Why won't we be great?

I absolutely love quotes. Every now and again one jumps out at me and won’t let me go like this one from Mr. Lois. This quote was hidden on the 110th page of the “On [...]

Beyond the Barre

No matter whether little ballerinas defy the odds and grow up to become professional ballerinas or they go on to pursue another dream, there are lifelong lessons that stick with them and help them to excel in life well beyond the barre.

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