Inspiring abundant living through every phase of life’s journey.

At Golden Life Ventures, our #1 priority is to help you design an abundant freedom lifestyle so you can finally experience the golden life – Life, better lived.

You can call us a lifestyle design company. We started with our core product – travel design services for the modern luxury traveler. We know an elevated lifestyle for you includes epic vacations that leave you with fond memories to last a lifetime. We provide customized travel experiences as well as signature tours that quench your desire to soak in new cultures, satisfy the foodie in you and experience the rest and relaxation your body deserves.

We also understand that many are using their vacations to escape their work, and ultimately their everyday lives. But what if it was your job to take a vacation? What if you could fund a lifestyle of your choosing through travel? We leverage the $8 trillion travel industry to create an additional income stream and finance… well, whatever you like! We like to call it lifestyle architecture because you can design and build your own lifestyle through travel.

While Golden Life Ventures started with travel, the heart of the business grew out of our founder’s deep desire to explore and pursue purpose. That purpose is simply to inspire abundant living. For Leslie, abundant living is all about pursuing a lifestyle that is pleasing to God and one that nurtures a deep, fulfilling relationship with Christ.

Golden Life Ventures is a company that believes that while life is filled with unexpected challenges and less than desired experiences, we have the gift to design lives we love. Lives that are golden.


Life, Lived Better.




Golden Life Ventures

Inspiring abundant living through every phase of life’s journey.